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The Jaguars are snake bit again?

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after the Jaguars nabbed Myles Jack in the second round of last month's draft, I noted that the Jaguars were having the Raiders' dream draft. To get Jack, even with his injury history, in the second round after grabbing Jalen Ramsey -- arguably the best player at any position -- with their top pick made for a great start to draft weekend for the Jags. That outlook just took a dark turn.

Today, the Jaguars announced Ramsey suffered a torn meniscus in OTA practice. Best case scenario is the injury isn't major and he can be ready for that start of the season. Worst case scenario? Well, look at Myles Jack.

Jack was considered a top five draft talent right up until the days before the draft when he said his own meniscus injury that cost him most of his senior season at UCLA could end up causing his football career to be cut short.

Thus far the Jaguars have said Ramsey's meniscus tear is a small one. Raiders rookie Jihad Ward had what he described as a small meniscus tear last season at Illinois which was expected to cause him to be out a month, but after having his knee scoped, he missed just one game.

According to Dr David Chao, even saying it's a 'small tear' is not indicative of how much time Ramsey could miss. He could be back anywhere from training camp and perhaps the better portion of next season.

It can be hard to predict such things, and if it turns out to be more than a minor tear such as Ward had, the Jags' two 'dream draft' picks could end up adding to the ongoing nightmare that franchise have been living lately.

This is the second year in a row the Jaguars had a top five draft pick go down with a serious injury in the offseason. Last year it was third overall pick linebacker Dante Fowler Jr who was lost to an ACL injury that cost him his rookie season.

There has been a lot of optimism about the Jaguars as a team on the rise. They are mentioned right along with the Raiders as a team expected to be much improved this season. Both teams made big moves in free agency and are young teams with players who appear to be on the brink of doing great things.

If Ramsey misses time, that could hurt the Jaguars chances of living up to the expectations suddenly placed on them.