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Free Agent safety Dashon Goldson courts Raiders, but is he a good fit in Oakland?

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Dashon Goldson's camp has contacted the Raiders about bringing him in for a look. How could the Raiders use the former All-Pro safety?

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It wasn't that long ago that Dashon Goldson was a member of a 49ers defense that was amongst the most feared and respected in football, and Goldson one of the biggest hitters in the game. After leaving the Niners, Goldson spent two years with Tampa Bay and last season with Washington, who recently released him.

A Carson, CA native, Goldson is looking to spent the remainder of his career closer to home. He talked to SiriusXM on Wednesday about his future plans:

A big part of what the Raiders front office looks for in potential free agents is, does this player want to be a Raider? In Goldson's case it's plain that, hell yes he wants to be a Raider. Goldson still has a lot left in the tank at only 31 years old- he logged 110 tackles for the Washington Indigenous Persons last season in addition to returning an interception for a touchdown. He's probably better than Nate Allen in any case.

The Raiders don't have a ton of depth at safety and first-round pick Karl Joseph is coming off a serious injury. Perhaps a potential signing of Goldson would take the pressure off Joseph to come back too quickly. In addition, Goldson's chief skill as a football player is that he hits really, really hard. This is also Karl Joseph's calling card. Who better to mentor Joseph than one of the best hitters in the game? Reggie Nelson is a fine player and a tremendous ballhawk, but the next time he blows a receiver up Jack Tatum style will be the first.

Behind Joseph, Nelson and Allen, what do the Raiders have at safety? Keith McGill? Brynden Trawick? Forgive me if I don't pin my playoff hopes on those guys. The Rams have been looking at Donte Whitner recently, and are unlikely to sign both he and Goldson. The Raiders seem like a comfortable destination for Goldson at this point, and at a modest contract with the knowledge that he is in a backup/mentor role, would likely be a serious asset to the Raiders who still don't have much in the way of veteran leadership on the team.

Of course, Reggie McKenzie does what Reggie is going to do, but he has shown that while he is building a young team he isn't opposed to bringing in an older player for the right price. Perhaps Goldson is just the sort of player Reggie would be interested in bringing to camp.