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Number 2 probably most embarrassing Raiders jersey to own, but think you can top it?

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Recently For The Win listed all the 32 NFL team's most embarrassing jersey to own. The results for the Raiders were as expected. But I bet you can do better/worse.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Ok, so let's be honest here. Some of you have bought a jersey or three that you look back on and wonder what you were thinking. Some of you probably still shamelessly wear that player's jersey to games *cough-Randy-Moss-cough*.

The obvious choice for the most embarrassing Raiders jersey would be a number two (apologies to Leo Araguz). Mostly because of JaMarcus Russell but if you somehow got ahold of an Aaron Brooks or a Terrelle Pryor jersey, those may actually be worse. At least Russell carried with him all the hopes of a number one overall pick.

It's rather fitting that the it's the number two (insert poop emoji here) because that's what the players who wore it have been for the Raiders (again, my sincere apologies to Leo Araguz). The Raiders should seriously consider retiring the number, at least when it comes to quarterbacks.

That being said, I want to see if you can top it. Put in the comments your most embarrassing Raiders jersey. Bonus props and mad respect for those who would include a picture along with it.