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NFL official twitter starts trend with #MackMondays

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As if it wasn't already clear that Khalil Mack is the new 'It' guy among NFL defenders, the NFL's official twitter account has hopped firmly onto the hype train. Today they started a hashtag movement called #MackMondays in which they post highlights of some of the amazing plays Khalil Mack made last season.

Thus far they have posted two highlight videos, so it's hard to say how far they are looking to take this 'movement'. I suppose we'll have to wait until at least next week to see if the plural of Mondays is accurate.

The first installment was a play where Mack was not fooled for an instant by a Chiefs fake pitch outside to stuff running back Spencer Ware in the backfield for a loss. Then he burnt off some extra steam with a few push ups.

The next highlight came from a game with several of them from Mack. It was one of his five sacks from the Raiders week 13 win over the Broncos last season in which he had Brock Osweiler under siege. This sack wasn't even his best from that game, but it was impressive none the less.

A bit later, they capped it with their Top 10 Mack plays of 2015:

It wouldn't be hard to make this a regular thing. Mack had 15.0 sacks last season along with 23 tackles for loss. They could easily keep this series going for the remainder of the offseason.