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Rival Report 5/26: Inglewood may have falsified accounting records to lure NFL franchise

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There is a new controversy brewing over the NFL's move to LA, though this one has nothing at all to do with the NFL actually. According to Inglewood's former budget and accounting manager Barbara Ohno, the city falsified their accounting records to appear more financially responsible than they really were.

Ohno is now suing the city for wrongful termination after she was fired after the city claimed that she failed her probationary period of time on the new job. During this probationary period Ohno says that she discovered irregularities in the system such as receiving payments owed to the city with no corresponding receipts or agreements in place to corroborate where the money came from.

According to Barbara Ohno's complaint the money allegedly came from restricted federal and state money from their Asset Forfeiture Fund to cover daily expenses. This money is earmarked specifically for law enforcement agencies from the money seized from federal crime enforcement and was not meant to be used in the way that Ohno's lawsuit alledges.

"On a regular basis, the City, at the direction of Defendant Mayor Butts, violated the rules of the program by tapping into the Asset Forfeiture Fund to pay for unauthorized expenses, again because there was insufficient money in the General Fund to cover such expenses," the lawsuit states.

The mayor of Inglewood, who is being accused of these transgressions, has called the allegations "totally baseless". Mayor James T. Butts (yes, Butts is really his last name) says the city goes through "rigorous and thorough audits" that are performed by an outside agency.

It will surely be a long time before the truth comes out about this accusation, but they have already been awarded an NFL team anyway. The Los Angeles Rams proposal of building a stadium in Inglewood was approved and is already set in motion. If the city did cook their books to get the team there then I guess it worked!

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Inglewood falsified finances to attract NFL, former employee says
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