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Raiders have an open roster spot and Brian Hartline is a free agent

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The Raiders waived WR Robert Herron on Thursday, and Brian Hartline was waived by the Browns a few days ago. Is there a match here?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday the Cleveland Browns announced they waived veteran WR Brian Hartline. The 29-year old Hartline is a dependable veteran slot receiver with exceptional hands and is faster than you think at 4.5. The reasons for his waiving are as follows:

1) They are the Browns

2)  The Browns drafted four wide receivers and still need room for Hue Jackson's very special friend, Terrelle Pryor

Despite the Browns' complete dumpster fire at quarterback last season and them in no way having a functional offense, Hartline still managed to rack up over 500 yards and two touchdowns, which isn't bad for a slot guy when the team completes maybe ten passes a game.

Hartline is that sort of annoying guy who always seems to have a huge game against whatever team you are rooting for. Being a graduate of The Ohio Steak University, Hartline is accustomed to helping the forces of evil crush the dreams of those more noble and valiant than he.

It's clear that Hartline wasn't waived for performance purposes, just like everyone else the Browns let loose this offseason. He was let go for money and to get younger and worse. The Browns know that if they want to rebuild through the draft, they can't go making the playoffs all willy-nilly. Hartline is just the latest in a laundry list of quality players that Mike Pettine couldn't form into a cohesive team because he is a bum.

Unlike Hartline, we don't know why Robert Herron was released- Oakland cut Andre Debose and Garrett Gilbert to sign him, only to release him three days later. However, this does leave a nice slot receiver-shaped hole in the roster. The Raiders do need quality receiving depth and the 6'2" Hartline looks like the best available option in my eyes. He's probably better than Seth Roberts right now, although Roberts is still developing and could turn into a very nice player.

It's my humble estimation that Hartline is a glue guy and a "security blanket" type player, which might be something Derek Carr needs in a sea of big-play threats on offense. At 29 years old coming off waivers Hartline likely wouldn't command big money, so perhaps the Raiders should put in a claim? The Raiders did not address wide receiver at all during the draft, so maybe they were waiting for the Browns to do something stupid.