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Raiders UDFA Profile: WR Johnny Holton had ridiculous yards per catch at Cincinnati

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The Raiders capped off an impressive 2016 NFL Draft by signing a big playmaker in Cincinnati wide receiver Johnny Holton. Here is an in-depth profile of the former bearcat.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


6'1", 190 lbs

40-yard dash: 4.54

Bench press: 8 reps

Vertical jump: 31 1/2 inches

Broad jump: 123 inches


2015: 17 REC, 461 YDS, 27.1 AVG, 5 TD

2014: 29 REC, 431 YDS, 14.9 AVG, 5 TD




Playmaker. That is the word best used to describe Raiders undrafted free agent Johnny Holton. While the former Cincinnati receiver did not see the ball often as his 17 receptions in 2015 show, he made the most of his opportunities averaging a ridiculous 27.1 yards per catch. Holton only played in 8 games last season due to an abundance of depth at wide receiver and a hamstring injury.

Holton has great straight-line speed which makes him a legitimate deep threat. Over half of his 17 catches went for over 25 yards and he has true separation speed. This also makes him an effective kick returner which could add to his value for the Raiders.

But while his long speed is excellent, Holton struggles to quickly change direction and his routes suffer as a result. Often viewed as a receiver that is only effective outside the numbers, Holton was primarily asked to run deep routes and verticals.

Holton's size and speed are worthy of attention and his ability to return kicks gives him a better chance to make a roster than most limited speedsters. But if he wants to make an impact as a wide receiver, he will need to develop his routes and gain quickness.