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2016 Raiders UDFA profile: Oni Omoile is Nigerian Prince

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Man, I really hope Oni Omoile becomes a starter quality player in the NFL. Raider Nation, meet your new Prince!

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Eli Hamann/Ames Tribune


6'2, 310lbs

40 Yard Dash: 4.93

Bench Press: 21

Vertical Jump:33in

Broad Jump: 111 inches




There is not a whole lot of information to be had on offensive linemen and new Oakland Raider UDFA signing Oni Omoile from Iowa State. He is 6'2, 310lbs and had 21 starts in his 5 year career at Iowa St. His most impressive stat leading up to the draft was the 33 inch vertical jump he did at the Iowa State Pro Day, an extremely impressive stat for a man of his size.

His bench press was not as impressive at 21 reps, and his 40 time was 4.93. He was a much liked player for Iowa St and started most of his starts in his final year with the team. His game highlight that most might recognize him from was against West Virginia in 2013 when he recovered 2 fumbles in their upset victory.

Another interesting fact about Oni Omoile has nothing to do with football. It is that he is a Nigerian Prince thanks to his bloodlines that link him to the leaders of the Oki Village. It is a mostly honorary title considering that Omoile was born and raised in Texas and has not yet visited Nigeria, but it is interesting all the same.

Though there are not many videos available of the newest Raider, there was one video of note worth watching. It isn't a game highlight though, it is an interview that he did directly after his coach Paul Rhoads was fired from Iowa St. You can see how much he cares about his coach and how upset he is at the firing, showing that he definitely puts his heart into his football life.