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Raiders DE Mario Edwards Jr shown participating in position drills

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Oakland Raiders

Every few weeks, it seems we see another photo or video of Mario Edwards Jr doing physical activities. The release of such things is designed to give fans hope the standout second year defensive end's recovery from his neck injury is coming along well and optimism he will be returning soon. After all, Raiders coaches are mum on his status, so we are forced to rely on the photo/video evidence.

Tuesday night, the Raiders put out a collection of pictures from the team's closed OTA practice and among them was Edwards taking his turn working with a blocking dummy along with the rest of his defensive line teammates.

Mario Edwards Jr

Prior to this, the photos and videos put out were of Edwards doing agility drills or lifting weights. Which makes doing light work around a dummy seem like obviously something he could do at this stage.

With only the picture to go on, we don't know how much work he was able to do, and I would imagine it wouldn't be a whole lot as there's no reason to press your luck with his rehab from the injury this early in the offseason. Though, simply doing anything on the field with his teammates instead of standing on the side watching the whole time is a good sign.