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Raiders fans can officially stop clinging to hopes of Marshawn Lynch

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Following last season, Marshawn Lynch made it clear he was retiring. He made his announcement as only Marshawn Lynch can -- without words. He tweeted a pic of his cleats hanging up and the hand holding up two fingers, as in "Peace, out".

He also notified the Seahawks of his intention to retire and they took him at his word, even putting out a tweet of their own in response, with that hashtag #ThankYouBeastMode.

Even still, there were a great many Raiders fans who were holding on a shred of hope Lynch would change his mind and want to play for his hometown Raiders. That never happened. And today the Seahawks placed Lynch on the reserve/retired list, thus officially squashing any lingering hopes of seeing him go Beast Mode in Silver & Black.

Even without donning a Raiders jersey, Lynch will always be one of Oakland's favorite sons. He consistently represents Oakland and his Beast Mode clothing line flagship store is in Oakland.

Happy (official) retirement, Marshawn. You may not have been a Raider, but you'll always do #TownBidness