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Rival Report 5/6: Secretary of Navy unofficially endorses Keenan Reynolds playing in NFL

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One of the best stories out of draft week was the plight of Navy QB Keenan Reynolds. He is highly decorated in football achievements, including being 5th in the Heisman voting, the all-time leading rusher at QB with 4,559 yards rushing, and holding the Division 1 record with 88 total touchdowns.

Despite all of that, he was not invited to the NFL Rookie Combine and he was no sure thing to be drafted. That is because he is a member of the US Navy and it isn't a sure thing that he will be allowed to play football directly out of college. He is obligated to spend his first two years out of college serving in the NAVY and they would have to give permission for him to play.

It looks like Keenan Reynolds might just be in luck because, unofficially, that permission may have just happened. The Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has just stated on a radio broadcast that he believes they will be able to work out a compromise.

"I'm confident that we can work something out for Keenan to do both, to serve his country and to play professional football," Mabus said Thursday on The Dan Patrick Show.

It is not official until the papers are signed, but it looks like the Ravens will get to see if Keenan Reynolds can convert to being a wide receiver after all. Really, this is a no brainer decision for the Navy. Reynold's story is awesome and will be used as a recruiting tool because of its wide recognition.

Reynolds is a class act person, and a perfect representative for the US Navy. If he succeeds in the NFL then the sky is truly the limit for the positive impact he can bring to the Navy as a recruiter, but even if this is the apex of his story he is still going to be an excellent role model and recruiter for the Navy.

Hopefully this goes through without a hitch. Reynolds has a lot of work to do, but he has the athleticism, the attitude and most importantly the work ethic to do it. Plus, succeeding in the NFL could very well turn out to be the best way for his other dream of serving the country to play out. After all, what better recruiter could there be than a star NFL player?

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