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S&BP community Raiders mock draft contest results

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Can you believe the first round of the draft was a week ago? It still feels pretty fresh to me. Now with the draft coverage in full swing, we take a look back at those of you who entered our community mock draft contest.

We asked readers to submit their 7-round Raiders mock drafts, with the winner or winners to receive a S&BP T-shirt. The one rule for winning a T-shirt was they had to get at least two picks correctly. And while no one was able to nail two of the Raiders picks, there were several of you who correctly predicted one of the Raiders selections.

First and foremost are those who correctly predicted the Raiders would select Karl Joseph in the first round. Something I didn't even do in my Raider Draft Radar series as I had him as a second round target. There were many readers who predicted them taking Joseph in the second, but only three had them going after him in the first round:

Christian Neilson
Omer Hasa

Though no one had the Raiders taking Jihad Ward in the second round, there were a couple entrants who had them taking him in the third:

Connor Tingley
The RaiderFan

Also correctly predicted was 7th round pick Vadal Alexander, who Andrew West had in the fourth, and 5th round pick DeAngelo Washington who SacTownR8er had in the 7th round.

It was a definitely the toughest draft to predict for the Raiders in recent memory, which explains why no one was able to correctly guess more than one player the team selected, and only the top three getting the right player in the right round. But congrats to all those who had correct predictions in such a difficult draft to predict.