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Raiders Super Bowl odds go up again following draft

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Vegas must have really liked the Raiders draft because the oddsmakers over at Bovada have them making a jump from their odds prior to their draft class, and a sizable jump from where they sat early in the offseason.

Back in February, the Raiders were 66/1 odds to win the Super Bowl next season, which was tied for the second worst in the NFL. The only team with worse odds were the Cleveland Browns at 150/1.

Last month, following the open of free agency, the Raiders Super Bowl odds were cut in half, jumping to 33/1 with the additions of Kelechi Osemele, Bruce Irvin, and Sean Smith. Those odds put them right around the middle of the pack, right in line with their draft position.

This week, following the Raiders' seven draft selections, their odds jumped up again, to 25/1. Those draft selections included 14th overall pick safety Karl Joseph, 2nd round pick defensive lineman Jihad Ward, 3rd round pick pass rusher Shilique Calhoun, and 5th round selection RB DeAndre Washington.

While 25/1 odds is still 14th in the rankings, not all teams saw their odds rise this offseason. The Raiders were one of two teams to see their Super Bowl odds go up both after free agency as well as the draft -- the other being the Patriots who have maintained the best odds in the league and currently sit at 7/1.

Several other teams saw their odds get longer this offseason including the Panthers (11/1), Cowboys (22/1), Jets (40/1), Falcons (50/1), Bills (50/1), Bears (50/1), Eagles (50/1), Lions (66/1), Dolphins (66/1), Saints (66/1), Chargers (66/1), Buccaneers (75/1), 49ers (100/1), and Titans (100/1).