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Rival Report 5/9: San Diego continues to work on stadium initiatives

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The Chargers have the option to move to Los Angeles, but they are still trying to get a stadium built in Downtown San Diego instead. With that being the goal, they may have just had a plan get some serious help to move forward.

There are two separate citizen's initiative plans in the works to try and get this stadium built. The author of one of the plans has just pledged his support to the citizen initiative that the Chargers and the Hoteliers have come up with. This is a big endorsement considering that it was from a competing plan's creator.

What this Citizen's Plan would do is have the new Chargers stadium be built with a convention center as well with money coming from raising the taxes on hotel stays in San Diego, the NFL, the Hoteliers and Dean Spanos. Essentially, it would be money paid for by tourists of the great city of San Diego (Sorry, San Diego is awesome, can't lie) and by the people directly making profit from the project.

There are voices against this plan of course, and the city's citizens themselves would have to vote for it to pass. However, teaming the Chargers up with a convention center makes perfect sense. Some argue that the added cost of the hotels and the pricier convention center would scare businesses away but I disagree with that wholeheartedly.

People are not worried as much about cost when choosing San Diego as their convention destination. They want a beautiful, comfortable city that can fit their needs. San Diego would remain that for those potential tourists and they would get to keep their NFL team to boot.

This is a plan set forth that would have most expenses paid without direct contributions from the San Diego citizens, it would get the stadium built downtown to keep the Chargers, and it would give more room for even larger conventions to take place. It would keep the Chargers in San Diego (thus opening up LA again for the Raiders by the way) and it would not be a publicly funded stadium in a direct sense.

That is a win, win, win in my book. If the City of San Diego wants to keep their NFL team this is their last chance to do so. We will see if this continues to develop into a workable plan for the San Diego Chargers throughout this very important year.

The Chargers, Convention Center and Taxes: A Primer | By Bob Rauch
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The Citizens’ Plan provides a path for financing the expansion – paid for by the hotels that will benefit from it – and building it downtown, where it will have maximum positive impact on continued redevelopment of the East Village.

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Author of competing Downtown plan lends his support. (Have to admit, it is a BEAUTIFUL stadium rendering.)

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