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Raiders sign former third round pick DE Damontre Moore hoping to "jumpstart his career"

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As the Raiders continue to look for pass rushers, they have added former defensive end Damontre Moore who had been waived by the Dolphins a week ago as Jack Del Rio told Jim Rome on his radio show Monday.

"I think the better our pass rush is, the better any secondary is," said Del Rio. "We took steps in that area as well with grabbing Bruce Irvin in free agency and being able to draft Shilique Calhoun and we just added Damontre Moore to get a shot to come in here and see if he can't jumpstart his career."

The 6-5, 250-pounder was a 2013 third round pick by the Giants out of Texas A&M. He was waived by the team 11 games into last season and claimed off waivers by the Dolphins where he played the final three games of the season.

Over the 2014-15 seasons, Moore had 9.5 sacks and 64 combined tackles.

Here is what Edward Valentine of SB Nation's Giants site Big Blue View had to say about Moore's time in New York:

Moore's biggest issue isn't talent. Or athleticism. He has plenty of those. His biggest issue has been maturity, and figuring out what it takes to be a successful NFL player. He admitted to me during his second season that he walked into the Giants as a rookie expecting to be handed a job as a Day 1 starter.
He didn't really know how to put in the work, how to study, how to be a pro, how to conduct himself. He's never been able to stop committing stupid penalties.

Sad part is Moore has some ability to rush the passer, at least the athleticism to get chase or effort sacks when others flush the quarterback. He plays really hard on Sunday. He can be a useful player, but that's up to him. What he's never learned -- at least hand't learned during his time with the Giants -- is that what happens on all the other days leading up those 16 game days -- impacts your opportunities. If he ever really gets it, he can play. The Giants just tired of waiting for that to happen.

In addition, here is a complete retrospective on what went wrong with Moore with the Giants. And you'd have to  wonder if that's what had him waived in Miami this month as well.