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NFL switches Pro Bowl back to AFC vs NFC format

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A few years ago the NFL got this 'brilliant' idea to make the Pro Bowl non-conferenced. And thus made an already relatively meaningless contest, completely irrelevant. They will go back to the previous AFC vs NFC format now.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Three years ago, in their attempts to be hip and cool like today's youngsters, the NFL went with the fantasy draft format where two former NFL stars picked their teams from the available pool of players who had been named to the Pro Bowl and actually planned to attend. A record number bowed out of the game this year, which made for a LOT of alternates making the squad, including Raiders QB Derek Carr, RB Latavius Murray, and WR Amari Cooper.

Khalil Mack and Charles Woodson headlined the five Raiders to make the Pro Bowl, with Jerry Rice selecting four of them to his squad, leaving Latavius Murray to face his own teammates on the other team.

The format was a dud -- which I think just about anyone could have predicted -- and now they will switch back to the two conferences facing each other as it had for years and every other major American sport does.

Of course, the one drawback to this format is there could be some deserving players in the other conference, but with so many players opting out of the game, that will probably not be much of an issue.

The league also announced what had been reported prior; that the game will be played in Orlando Florida this year.