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Poll: Which AFC West team is Raiders biggest rival?

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From the Raiders-Chiefs feuds of the '60s and '70s, to the nail-biters against San Diego's "Air Coryell," to the Broncos winning last season's Super Bowl, Raiders Nation has no love for AFC West opponents.

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Since the AFL formed in 1960, the most bitter rivals have been the Raiders and Chiefs. It's professional sports' version of a Blood Feud. Fists fights and all-out brawls were expected during early Raiders-Chiefs games. Opposing teams were forced to exit the tunnel wearing helmets as unruly fans pelted them. And, urban legend had it that players waited for each other in the parking lot after the games. At least that's how us old timers remember things.

But looking at today's social media posts, it's entirely possible that this younger crop of Raider Faithful view Denver or San Diego as the Silver and Black's most despised rivals. Certainly, the Broncos winning the Lombardi Trophy generates widespread nausea.

Since joining the great readers and staff at, I've grown increasingly curious which AFC West franchise you dislike the most. And, do the various generations of Raider Nation differ in opinion?

Below, is a poll, separated by age brackets, asking which franchise are the Raiders most loathed division foe. I'm curious about the results. Are you?