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Another Raiders hopeful does an 'Ask Me Anything' with fans

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Oakland Raiders

Earlier this week, new Raiders long snapper Andrew East did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit and it revealed some really interesting insight. East's experience inspired Raiders undrafted rookie offensive lineman Oni Omoile to jump in and take fan questions.

Omoile is a big gamer so a lot of the questions were about gaming. I left those questions and answers out of this, but if you'd like to read all of them, you can see his entire conversation here.

Here are some of the interesting insights his AMA yielded about himself and the Raiders:

Q: You an Kelechi are cousins correct? Who do you think wins in an arm wrestling match?!

Omoile: K.O would literally rip my arm off holy shit lol. His upper body is far stronger than mine. I probably have him beat lower body wise

Q: Are you actually a Nigerian prince?

Omoile: I see someone looked up that DMR article of me haha. Yes it's indeed true, although it's not a very big deal ultimately, just a neat fun fact about me.

Q: Sir, sir prince I must respectfully disagree with you. That is so bad ass.

Omoile: Unless I pull a Red Wedding and massacre all the people ahead of me in line for succession it's not like I'm gonna be king or anything lmao.

Q: What NFL team did you want to play for when you were in college?

Omoile: I was a Cowboys fan growing up, especially since their OL has almost always been great from back to the Leonard Davis/Gurode/Colombo days to especially now with the guys they have in place there. I also have a lot of respect for coach Pollack who I got to meet during a pre-draft day camp in Dallas.

Q: Why don't O linemen do more celebrations like after a pancake mime pouring syrup over them or some shit?

Omoile: Because the essence of being an O-Lineman itself goes against showy bullshit like that (usually).

Q: Does Carr wear eyeliner?

Omoile: The world isn't ready for something THAT fabulous

Q: What did you do with your first NFL check ?

Omoile: Straight into the savings account, just like nearly all the money I'll make in the NFL for the first few years.

Q: I remember reading that you are cousins with Kelechi Osemele. How big of an impact did he have on you as a football player, and did he play a part in you signing with the Raiders?

Omoile: He was honestly a large part of why I committed to ISU in the first place. I definitely wanted to take after him especially with what he's done in the NFL now.

Q: How much do offensive linemen eat? Oh and you have a badass name dude. Sounds like you could be a bad guy in an anime.

Omoile: I regularly try to eat around 5-6K calories a day if I'm doing something physical that day. I try to tone it down a bit on my off days so I don't come into work bloated and slow. Honestly if I wasn't playing football I'd be a lot skinner, my metabolism is outrageous... You're not the first person to tell me that either lmao.

Q: Why did you choose the Raiders as an UDFA? Were there other similar offers that you rejected because you wanted to play for them?

Omoile: When I talked to my agent after it ultimately came down to which team has the best situation for me to potentially make the roster and Oakland happened to be that very place.

Q: Who do you want to model your game after?

Omoile: When I was learning how to snap and playing center in general in the middle of my senior year since my coach Brandon Blaney believed I had a great shot at the league if I built that skillset I was watching film of Ryan Kalil and Maurkice Pouncey almost every single day.

Q: You've only been in the NFL for a month, but has there been a favorite moment for you so far?

Omoile: Whenever Coach Tice calls me Kelechi or when he calls K.O Oni is definitely my favorite moments by far. Even in the NFL coaches get their players names mixed up.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Omoile: Nope!

Q: Pepsi or Coke?

Omoile: Pepsi. Coke leaves that grimey coating on your teeth after you drink it.

Q: If you are able to play on the Raiders, what defensive lineman are you most excited to play against?

Omoile: Stacy McGee kicks my ass the majority of the time I have to line up against him in drills but I feel like he's a great example of what I'll be going up against on an every day basis in the NFL so I have to mentally/physically prepare myself for it every time.

Q: How big of a difference is NFL, not necessarily talent wise but just in how people treat the game compared to college?

Omoile: These guys eat sleep and breathe football. I said in an earlier post that we spent about 6ish hours from when we first got to the facility to when we leave after practice/meetings but very rarely do any of the veteran guys stay there for just that long. They're almost always doing something extra whether it be watching additional film, getting an extra lift in, treatment. That's honestly the biggest difference to me. In college most guys would just do what we had on the schedule.

Q: What's your NFL dream?

Omoile: To be a starter in this league someday.

Q: Do you play Madden?

Omoile: I actually hate playing most sports games. I play enough sports in real life I don't need them in my video games too lmao. The lone exception to this is probably Fifa.

Q: How many girls are you talking to on your DM across all social media? Just want a number.

Omoile: Not nearly as many as you think. Keep in mind that I'm an ogreish OLineman not a pretty boy skill player with washboard abs.

Q: You're pretty if you want to be.

Omoile: I have to settle with being pretty on the inside fam.

Q: What's on your pregame music playlist?

Omoile: I'm actually a pretty big rock/metal guy. Avenged Sevenfold/Disturbed/FFDP/Judas Priest being some of my favorites for pregame. Then there's my super secret guilty pleasure of Daisuke Ishiwatari (almost none of you will recognize the name, but he composes the OSTs for Guilty Gear/Blazblue games I used to play a ton in HS and that shit gets me hyped EVERY TIME).

Q: How many of the Raiders linemen do you think you could take in a sumo bout? Call someone out, don't be chicken.

Omoile: I would kick Vadal and Ross's ass for sure.

Q:Is Donald as goofy as he seems in the media?

Omoile: I can confirm DP is indeed a goof IRL. The entire O-Line room in general is pretty goofy. Even Tice gets in on it a lot. It's a great atmosphere honestly.

Q: Hey Oni, thanks for doing this AMA! Have you been starstruck in the NFL yet? Had that moment of "damn it's player who I've been watching forever?"

Omoile: I definitely had that moment when I walked into the facility the first time and saw guys like DC and Khalil just casually strolling around. After spending a month with them it honestly feels pretty normal now. At the end of the line they're just people like you and me.

Q: Do you have an offensive linemen, either current or historical, that you look up to as an idol or as an ideal that you strive to become?

Omoile: I thought Larry Allen was basically Jesus back in the day.

Q: Who's the quietest guy on the team?

Omoile: Probably Karl. I swear the only guy he speaks to is Bruce since they're both WVU guys.