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Von Miller not happy with Broncos contract negotiations, cuts John Elway out of White House photo

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Von Miller

Von Miller is coming off a dominant performance in the Super Bowl. He racked up 3.0 sacks in a complete destruction of the Panthers and was rightfully named Super Bowl MVP for his efforts. Knowing it was the defense that led the Broncos all season and won the Super Bowl, he wants to get paid like a quarterback. But John Elway and the Broncos are balking.

This week the Broncos took the traditional trip to the White House to meet the President as Super Bowl champs. It's one of the major highlights to a team winning the big game. At one point a picture was taken that had, from left to right -- head coach Gary Kubiak, defensive end DeMarcus Ware, Von Miller, quarterback Peyton Manning, and.... well, it was originally GM John Elway, as posted on Instagram by Ware.

One of those forever memories ...

A photo posted by Demarcus Ware (@demarcusware) on

But after Miller got ahold of it, and re-posted it, Peyton just had a mysterious dark figure at his side.

#Repost @demarcusware ・・・ One of those forever memories ...

A photo posted by Von Miller (@vonmiller) on

As Ware initially said of the shot, and Miller re-posted, it was "One of those forever memories". And clearly he would prefer to Elway be deleted from that memory. At least until further notice. If the Broncos can't agree to a long term deal with him and he ends up heading elsewhere after this season, that's how it will remain.