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Rival Report 6/13: AIG cancels NFL insurance policy covering brain injuries

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Adam Jeffrey/CNBC

The NFL is embroiled in a lawsuit over brain injuries with former players. and now AIG is canceling their coverage of brain injuries with the NFL. Not only is AIG attempting to sue to get out of covering their share of the billion dollar lawsuit because of their belief that the NFL hid concussion concerns, but now they are refusing to cover future brain injuries as well.

The truly hypocritical part of this is that AIG is still one of the largest sponsors of USA Football, an organization that is going around America teaching kids proper football techniques and use of equipments to avoid brain injuries. They are getting great PR value from this campaign while simultaneously refusing to cover future brain injuries from football.

"My initial thought is that this is very misleading. It's false advertising," risk management expert and sports injury litigation specialist Kimberly Archie said to the NY Post, "You are putting your name on something you will not insure."

AIG is essentially speaking out one side of their mouth while doing the complete opposite for their actual business practice. If you can't trust an insurance company then who can you trust?!

As bad of a PR move as this is for AIG, it's hard to blame them for not wanting to be a part of a huge problem for football that is very difficult to see being resolved any time soon. It probably is a sound financial decision to get away from these potential lawsuits and the amount of money that they could have to pay out because of them.

Despite the hypocritical nature of their decision making here, it also is a good thing for them to continue to help support an excellent cause in USA Football. This is an great program that is meant for the safety of kids playing a game that America loves. Despite the obvious conflict of interest here, hopefully they do still continue to help the organization make a difference.

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AIG wants the benefits of football without the risks.

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