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Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals open thread

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

This might be a site specifically for the Oakland Raiders, but the Golden State Warriors are from the Bay Area too. With that in mind there surely are many Raiders fans that also are fans of the Warriors so we figured we'd give everybody a place to chat about the game.

The defending champion Warriors are looking to repeat with a 2nd straight championship banner for their stadium to proudly display. They are already up 3-1 against the LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers and have the chance to close out this series at home tonight in Game 5.

Teams have come back from down 3-1 in the NBA before but it is extremely rare. Golden State recently did just that though against the Oklahoma City Thunder just to get to the NBA Finals so they absolutely know it is still possible as well as anybody.

If the Warriors are going to close out tonight at home they will have to do it without star player Draymond Green who is suspended for this game after yet another flagrant foul drew the ire of the league. He hit another player in the groin to draw this latest flagrant foul, though it was because LeBron James was disrespectfully stepping over the top of Green.

Expect to see an extremely motivated LeBron tonight too though because he will not be eager to hear the conversations about him losing another championship. He still believes he is the best player in the world despite Steph Curry stealing that title from him along with last year's championship and likely this year's as well.

You just know plenty of Raiders are rooting for their Bay Area comrades tonight too. There is no doubt you can always count on Marcel Reece to voice his support for the Bay anyway, just as he did on Twitter when commenting on Green's suspension and his belief that the Warriors will still close out the series tonight anyway.