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Rival Report 6/15: National Fantasy Football Convention blames NFL for delay...again

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The inaugural National Fantasy Football Convention (NFFC) has been delayed for a 2nd straight year, and the NFL once again is being blamed for it. Last year it was because the NFL said no players could attend the event due to it being held at a casino owned facility in Las Vegas. Now even though the event is being held at a non-casino owned venue in California, it is still being delayed anyway.

This time the NFFC sent a letter to their sponsors informing them of the 2nd straight year of the convention being delayed, and their reasoning in the letter was that the NFL continues to have "blatant and continued interference" for the event. They did not state the specifics of this "interference" but they did bring up their belief that the NFL has been pressuring sponsors during litigation related to the first delay.

The owner of the company attempting to hold this convention is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and you can now consider his feud with the NFL to be ongoing. His company had already filed a restraining order against the NFL which prohibited them from contacting sponsors after EA Sports had backed out of the event last year, however that order has now expired.

The attorney for the company has come out with a statement blaming the NFL for "continued and calculated" actions against the convention, via the Las Vegas Review Journal. He also says that despite the restraining order expiring that the NFL has stated in open court that they would not contact any other sponsors for the convention.

"Sadly, because of the NFL's continued and calculated actions against the NFFC, including Tony, and against the other NFL player participants, in addition to the NFFC sponsors, and even the NFL's own media folks who had committed to participate with the NFFC, the event is being postponed," attorney Michael Hurst said.

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