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DJ Hayden leaves Raiders minicamp practice early with apparent leg injury

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Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Midway through Raiders second minicamp practice, the Raiders were doing a drill in which several offensive players looked to stay in front of a defender with the ball. When it came time for DJ Hayden to try and put the moves on an offensive player, he took the ball, shuffled his feet, and it didn't go well.

When attempting to plant his left foot after the stutter step, he came up gimpy. He limped to the side where he spoke to a trainer, then a short time later walked gingerly to the training room accompanied by a member of the training staff.

One would have to think this will end Hayden's offseason practice participation, with just one more minicamp practice left.

The injury was non-contact, of course, which are often the most worrisome injuries, though commenting on the severity of the injury would be pure speculation at this point.

Hayden is battling to be the team's third cornerback, if not for a roster spot. He has had several injury issues in the past, including a knee injury. He will now have six weeks until training camp and heading into the final year of his rookie contract, he can't afford to miss any time.