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Rival Report 6/17: NFL VP of International believes NFL will have 1 or 2 international teams by 2026

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There is a lot of debate about the logistics of having international teams in the NFL, specifically when traveling across oceans to far away countries like the UK. If you believe that the VP of International for the NFL, those issues will have been figured out by 2026.

Mark Waller is a world traveler and important figure in the international affairs of the National Football League, and in a recent interview with ESPN he stated his belief that the NFL will have 1 or 2 international teams within 10 years.

"I think we will have at least one or two franchises outside of the U.S. I think we'll be incredibly strong in Mexico, possibly even more popular than soccer by then. I think we'll be very strong in the U.K. and Germany, and we'll be growing a really interesting niche business in China, but niche in China will still be a meaningful thing to be, and that will really be I think a digital business with the young, global Chinese and Asian consumers."

This isn't a crazy man either, he is literally the man behind the scenes that is making mountains move to elevate the NFL into a world wide phenomenon. There already have been major discussions during owner meetings about London getting a team in the near future, though as stated earlier the logistics of it are yet to be figured out.

London could very well be the next big negotiating ploy by the NFL now that Los Angeles has finally gotten their team again, or it could be a city getting legitimate consideration. Beyond just London though, the NFL is also looking to take over the sports world of several other major countries around the world. It is just the beginning, but one day it could very well be a World Football League instead of just a National one.

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