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If latest Color Rush design leak is true, it's far more palatable for Raiders

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There's another supposed leak of the NFL's Color Rush jerseys for this season. And if it's true, the Raiders could look pretty badass when they face the Chiefs on Thursday Night December 8th. Just as fans would hope, and would only seem fitting, the color of choice would be black.

There is no question whether the Raiders are participating in the Color Rush jerseys this season. All teams are. The only question has been what those jerseys will look like.

The initial 'leak' had the Raiders dominant color being gold, which would suggest they were going with more of a throwback idea based on their original uniforms circa 1960. What was odd about it had yellow for the Chiefs, which would mean yellow vs gold. That wouldn't work.

That leak came from the same source, but that doesn't mean it can't be trusted, as the original designs said "All designs subject to change" on it, as does this one. Though unlike before, each color is next to the opposing team to make sure they are different enough to be distinguishable on the field.

All black uniforms would be pretty sick.