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NBA Finals game 7 open thread

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Game seven of the NBA Finals tips off at 5:00pm Pacific time (8pm ET) tonight with the Cavaliers and Warriors facing off in Oakland. A champion will be crowned tonight.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Finals were supposed to be over last week. With the Warriors up 3-1 in the series and headed back to Oakland where they rarely ever lose. There was one big problem -- they would have to do it without Draymond Green, who was suspended after a second shot to the nuts of an opposing player.

This particular shot was provoked by Lebron James who stepped over Green. The easily provoked and always volatile Green responded by flailing his arms at James's crossing groin just as he flailed his foot into the nads of Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams in the Western Conference Finals.

It was a savvy veteran move by Lebron, and since then the Cavs have roared back to tie the series, leading up to tonight's game which will result in either a new NBA champ or a repeat champ.

Reaching this point was helped greatly as well by somee extremely questionable foul calls on Stephen Curry in game six that led to his ejection late in the game.

Some believe the NBA set it up this way intentionally for the revenue generated from a long series with a finale Father's Day night. Count Steph's wife Ayesha among the conspiracy theorists. Following the debacle in Cleveland, she tweeted that the league was "rigged"; a feeling shared by a lot of people.

All the off the court drama aside, it all comes down to tonight for both these teams. Cleveland could bring home their first championship of any kind since 1964 when the Browns won it in the pre-Super Bowl era. Or the Warriors could legitimize their historic 73-9 season by capping it with a second-straight NBA title. And this time they would do it IN Oakland.

It should be a heck of a game with one of these blue collar cities having a heck of a party tonight.