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Raiders take out another full page ad supporting Warriors

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For the second year in a row the Warriors are headed to the NBA Finals. And for the second year in a row the Raiders have put out a full page ad supporting them with Al Davis's immortal words; Just Win Baby.

This was the ad this year in the East Bay Times.

The East Bay Times was formerly known as the Bay Area News group which had the Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, and Mercury News under its umbrella. Basically East Bay Times accurately represents its circulation.

They also placed an ad in the paper last year. Here is the ad as seen in the San Francisco Chronicle.

No offense to a great paper, but San Francisco is not where the Warriors (or the Raiders) call home. Some saw the choice of papers as another signal that the Warriors -- who have plans to a new arena in San Francisco -- were already viewed as a West Bay team.

I suppose in fairness the franchise was once called the San Francisco Warriors when they first arrived from Philadelphia in 1962. They played their games at the Cow Palace in Daly City until 1971 when they moved to their current home in Oakland, changing their name to Golden State to represent all of California.

It's important to note because if you watch the Finals, the TV cameras are constantly transfixed on the San Francisco skyline and rarely show Oakland, leaving the distinct impression that either the Warriors don't play there or that the city is something of which to be ashamed. That attitude and lack of coverage negatively affects the city's commerce and all sports teams that play there such as the Raiders and A's.