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What Raiders player from the 1960s would you add to the current roster?

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The Oakland brain trust has assembled a dangerous 2016 roster, who could make it more so?

The Oakland Raiders have a proud and storied history. The current roster, led by franchise quarterback Derek Carr and rising defensive star Khalil Mack appear to be on a mission to restore glory to the Silver and Black. But if you could add one player from each decade, who would it be?

Let's begin with the 1960s. The parameters are simple. The player you select had to play in at least one regular season game from 1960 to 1969. Also, indicate which player, at the same or equivalent position, you would release to make room on the current 53-man roster? We'll be posting the results and some of your reasons why in one week. Please articulate your selections and reasoning in the comments below.

Below are some links to help you scroll through history.

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