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OPINION: Gimmicky "Color Rush" uniforms won't fly with Raider Nation

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Any colors except Silver and Black would dishonor Raider tradition and the late Al Davis.

Any alteration of the Raiders classic uniform at all rubs me the wrong way. The Silver & Black colors and shield logo transcend sports. They have a meaning unlike all others and are a way of life that includes credos such as "commitment to excellence," "pride and poise" and an inherent rebellious nature.

So, when initial leaks of the 2016 "Color Rush" uniforms included a Raiders uniform with gold in it, I was not happy. This would suggest a throwback situation as the original Raiders uniform had gold on it. That was before what most of Raider Nation would consider the legitimate history of the franchise began in 1963 with the coming of Al Davis.

As an older Raiders follower, the very thought of including gold to the uniform creates an instant association with the hated 1970s rival Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger may or may not enjoy running around looking like bumble bee in Pittsburgh's throwback jersey, but that is not the Raider way. Words like "abomination" come to mind at the very thought of including ANY color but Silver & Black.

When the gold color rush leaks surfaced, my youngest son looked at me with puzzlement in his eyes. I told him "Mark Davis will never do it. There are only two colors the Raiders wear, Silver and Black." Such an event would diminish more than half a century of tradition.

I was pleased with the most recent "leak" that showed just black and (hopefully) no blasphemy in the colors scheme.

Hopefully, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell understands Raider Nation is not down with his gimmicky Thursday night pseudo-commercialism. Raider Nation is not for sale.