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What '80s Raiders player would you add to today's roster?

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The franchise fielded some of its most dominant teams and won two world championships in the '80s. Pick one athlete who would be the best addition to today's roster.

The Raiders continued their winning ways into the 1980s. Tom Flores became the first Latino NFL head coach and he led the organization to a pair of Super Bowl victories over Philadelphia in 1980 and Washington in 1983.

But the Raiders would not enjoy the overall stability during the '80s they had in the 1970s, as the team relocated to Los Angeles in 1982 and Al Davis engaged in open war (litigation) with the league. Still, many great players produced legendary performances wearing the Silver & Black.

If you could select one player form the '80s and add him to the current roster, who would it be?

The parameters are simple. The player you select had to play in at least one regular season game from 1980 to 1989. Also, indicate which player at the same or equivalent position you would release to make room on the current 53-man roster?

We'll be posting the results and some of your reasons why next week. Please articulate your selections and reasoning in the comments below.

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