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Rival Report 6/23: Jim Harbaugh does not miss coaching in the NFL

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There was a time where almost all of Raider Nation was clamoring for Jim Harbaugh to come to Oakland and revitalize a struggling team. In fact, it happened twice. Once before Harbaugh chose the 49ers and once before Harbaugh decided to go back to his alma mater Michigan Wolverines.

It seems to have worked out ok the second time around as Jack Del Rio has been an excellent addition to the Oakland Raiders at head coach, and Jim Harbaugh seems extremely happy in Michigan. Harbaugh still gets plenty of drama as always, consistently arguing with NCAA official rules and a growing feud with Alabama coach Nick Saben but now he teaches younger players how to make it in the NFL.

It's actually a perfect place for the likes of Jim Harbaugh, because the constant cycling through of young, impressionable players keeps his schtick from getting too old to be productive. Players from around the country line up to play for the grumpy but successful coach, and unlike the NFL by the time the players get sick of him they are on their way out anyway.

Jim Harbaugh recently sat down with MMQB with Peter King writer Albert Breer where he left no doubt of his happiness in Big Blue territory. Though he does seem to sidestep the question slightly, he says there is nothing to miss from the NFL because it's still there for him to be a fan of.

"It's not like I ‘miss' the NFL, because it didn't go anywhere," Harbaugh says. "I get great enjoyment watching, and I'm a diehard watching my brother, his team and what they're doing. There are things not coaching in the NFL that you do miss, those relationships with the players themselves, who are playing at the highest level.

"But I have those relationships with the players here, the NFL is still there, and getting them in a position to get to experience that is a very worthwhile thing, and I attack that every single day. Bottom line, it's not something to miss. It's still there. ... I'm happy and challenged every day with what I'm doing right now."

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