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What Raiders player from the 2000s would you add to today's roster?

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You cannot select Seabass, he was already on the team in 2000 and is still on the roster.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2000s opened with Hip Hop dominating popular music, the Hipster subculture took to gentrifying urban neighborhoods, the Raiders were Super Bowl contenders and Sebastian Janikowski was the first player drafted by the franchise in the 21st Century.

Hip Hop has gotten bigger than ever and the Raiders could return to glory come September.

Cull from the list of great players and great performances of the 2000s and decide who you would add to the current roster.

The parameters are simple. The player you select had to play in at least one regular season game from 2000 to 2009. Also, indicate which player at the same or equivalent position you would release to make room on the current 53-man roster?

We'll be posting the results and some of your reasons why next week. Please articulate your selections and reasoning in the comments below.

This will be the final piece of the 5-part series and next week the results will be published.

Below are some links to help you scroll through history.

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If you haven't already, please make your selections known in the comments of our 1960s1970s1980s, and 1990s articles.