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Vote on which classic Raiders games for NFL to post on YouTube

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Recently it was announced that the NFL would be taking three classic games from each NFL team and posting them in their entirety on YouTube. But instead of just picking the ones they think fans want to see, they're asking fans to vote, with the top three most voted upon games getting the nod.

Obviously they can't exactly run a write-in campaign so fans may only choose three from a short list of games. You may vote below on which of a few select games you would like to be made available

With the Raiders, there are a lot of classic games to choose from. Many of which have famous names like "The Heidi game", "Ghost to the Post", "Sea of Hands", and "Holy Roller". The options above stick with the three Super Bowl wins and two AFC Championship games. And not even the most important AFC Championship game ever -- the win over the Steelers prior to the Raiders' first Super Bowl. A game Al Davis knew was so significant, he put the 24-7 score on the Super Bowl ring.