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Jacksonville Jaguars WR Allen Hurn's extension makes Michael Crabtree's deal look even better

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Hurn's of the Jacksonville Jaguars had a very good year opposite Allen Robinson as the number 2 guy in Jag's territory. He finished the season with 64 receptions for 1,031 yards and 10 touchdowns. Now he has been awarded a new deal because of his solid year at the tune of 4 years, $40M with $20M guaranteed.

The numbers that Hurns' put up were actually better but not that much different than Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree's. Crabtree had similar stats with 922 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns, but it did take him 85 catches to get his numbers compared to just 64 from Hurns' . Still the numbers are close.

However, the Raiders were able to lock up Michael Crabtree for considerably less than the Jaguars just gave Hurns though. Crabtree signed his extension with the Raiders this summer for 4 years, $35M with $19M guaranteed. The $5M difference equals out to $1.25M less per year on average than what Hurns got from Jacksonville, and with a $1M less in guaranteed money as well.

Allen Hurns does have age on his side compared to Crabtree since he is just 24 compared to Crabtree's 28 and he did have slightly better numbers. Even so, Crabtree's stats were very comparable and $1.25M less per year is quite a big pay difference for similar production.

Our own Levi Damien had already pointed out that this was a good deal for the Raiders because Crabtree's price on the open market would have been more from the lack of worthwhile receivers in this year's free agency and the NFL Draft. Now that deal is looking even better again after a player with comparable stats just signed for considerably more.