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Watch: NFL Top 100 feature on Raiders “unblockable” “monster” Khalil Mack

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Wednesday NFL Network continued their countdown of the NFL Top 100 players. At 13 was Raiders dominant pass rusher, Khalil Mack. The short feature they did on his selection is worth a watch.

There were some great statements made in the video.

“Khalil Mack is the definition of a beast,” said Michael Crabtree. “A lot of people say beast, but Khalil Mack is a beast. I haven’t seen nobody who could block him 1-on-1. Like nobody.”

“He’s a calm guy, you know, he likes to keep his voice down, he’s got a real coolness about him,” said Malcolm Smith. “But he’s a monster on the field.”

“Animal.” Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall said shaking his head.

“He’s amazing.” said 49ers left tackle Joe Staley.

“The way he gets off the ball, his hands, his instincts, his strength, his pad level. Absolutely unblockable,” said Marcel Reece. “He’s just a beast in every sense of the word.”

“We trying to single block that guy? Can we not single block that guy,” Browns head coach Mike Pettine said of Mack on the sideline facing the Raiders. “You’d think we would’ve figured that out watching last years tape.”

“Khalil just one-man wrecked our whole team,” Von Miller said of Mack who put up five sacks on the Broncos last season. “He ran straight through the offensive tackle. It was just incredible.”

“I feel like we’re two totally different players,” Miller, who landed two spots behind Mack in the rankings. “I don’t think it’s fair to compare Khalil to me or any other pass rusher that’s come in the National Football League. Khalil is just special.”

But just for the heck of it, NFL Network compared them anyway

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