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PFF predicts Raiders earn third seed in AFC playoff picture

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Pro Football Focus has come out with its 2016 AFC preview, and they're really bullish on the Oakland Raiders.

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Earlier this week, Pro Football Focus came out with its 2016 AFC projections and Raider Nation would be jumping for joy if their prognostications came true. PFF has slotted the Raiders into the third spot in the AFC, which means they would easily win the division and host a playoff game. Here's what they had to say about Oakland's 2016 season:

3. Oakland Raiders (11-5)

In 2015, the Raiders were a team that played better than their record indicated. They followed that up this offseason with some of the league’s biggest free-agent signings, including Kelechi Osemele,Sean Smith, and Bruce Irvin. In each of the last two years, Osemele was among the top five guards in run-blocking grade. Cornerbacks are one of the most inconsistent positions from one year to another, but Smith has stopped that trend; the former Chief has never allowed a catch rate above 59 percent, and each of the past four years he’s recorded at least eight passes defended. Throw in Derek Carr, who had the highest grade for a quarterback age 26 or younger, and Amari Cooper, who should improve in his sophomore season, and you have the recipe for a special year.

They have projected Oakland to be worse than only the Patriots and Steelers, but better than the Bengals, Broncos and Chiefs. According to them, the AFC West will put three teams in the playoffs again with only the Chargers being left at home for the postseason.

We all know the Raiders are primed for a good year, but do you think this kind of success is in the cards for them? Is all the young talent ready to take that leap?