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Watch: Marshawn Lynch responds to retirement questions, perhaps playing for Oakland Raiders

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In a rare interview with 60 Minutes, Marshawn Lynch was asked if he would consider a return to play in his hometown of Oakland.

Tuesday, 60 Minutes will air their interview with former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, who announced his retirement from football this offseason. Among the questions posed to Lynch was whether he would consider a return to the NFL to play for his hometown Raiders. And since he wasn't just there so he wouldn't get fined, he opened up and spoke his mind.

"No, I'm done. I'm done." Lynch responded. "I enjoyed my time playing and now it's time to watch my cousins do their thing."

His agent, Doug Hendrickson, seemed less certain, though his opinion has more to do with his hopes his client will continue to earn his superstar NFL contract, going as far as to say "I'll never say never" about Lynch potentially changing his mind at some point.

"If you could write the perfect story as far as the last year of his career, if he played again if he came back to Oakland, it makes sense right?" said Hendrickson. "But the reality is he told me he's done. Selfishly I'd love for him to play another year or two, make sure he's cemented in the Hall of Fame."

Even still, the interviewer pressed the issue to make sure Lynch was content with his decision, which Lynch reiterated he enjoyed his time in the NFL. Eventually, Lynch grew tired of the seeming uncertainty and tried to make himself more clear.

"I'm retired." Lynch said with conviction. "Is that good enough? Which camera do you want me to look into, this one? I'm done. I'm not playing football anymore."

The entire interview will air Tuesday night on Showtime at 9pm.