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Raiders Amari Cooper, Malcolm Smith to appear on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

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Oakland Raiders players Amari Cooper and Malcolm Smith find themselves touted as celebrities on ABC's "Feud."

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

After an outstanding rookie season in which wide receiver Amari Cooper earned Pro Bowl honors, he and fellow Raiders teammate Malcolm Smith are scheduled to appear on "Celebrity Family Feud."

Cooper, who posted the franchise’s first 1,000-yard receiving season since Randy Moss in 2005, will join AFC contestants Brandon Marshall (New York Jets), Steve Smith Sr. (Baltimore Ravens), Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati Bengals) and Marcus Cannon (New England Patriots) against a group of NFC defensive players.

Likewise, Smith is scheduled to join AJ Hawk, Tamba Hali (Kansas City Chiefs), Von Miller (Denver Broncos) and Melvin Ingram (San Diego Chargers) in a matchup against an all-NFC offensive unit. The format is a lot like the Pro Bowl, when top players used to squared off for conference bragging rights.

And, although Cooper and Smith’s respective "families" won’t be pitted against each other, it’s safe to say the player who gets the most survey questions correct may hold his head a tad higher.

Hosted by Steve Harvey, Cooper and Smith are scheduled to appear on the third and fourth episodes, respectively, of the upcoming 10-show series that begins Sunday, June 26 on ABC.