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Raiders take ‘mental day' before ‘cranking it back up' for final OTA practice

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is the final week of OTA's for the Raiders. With 10 total OTA days at their disposal, and the first two weeks consisting of three days each, this week was a four-day practice week. In light of that, Jack Del Rio decided Wednesday would be a day to lower the intensity and absorb some of the finer points.

"Today we brought the guys in and had a little mental day," said Del Rio. "Backing down a little bit, third day of the week. We'll go tomorrow and be full speed tomorrow. We elected to do that for training purposes and working the guys where we are in the program.

"Good work. And we have to learn how to practice. In shorts and sometimes taking the helmets off and lightening it up. We have to be a team that understands what it's like to maintain that mental intensity and backing down physically. So, we'll do that in training camp and so it's an opportunity for us to kind of help them understand what it looks like."

There is just one more day of OTA's and Del Rio is going to make it count, as he added "cranking it back up tomorrow".

The offseason is moving right along now with the next stop after this being mandatory minicamps. Those take place next week, June 12-14. That's when we can probably expect to see some of the veterans who were absent from OTA's present and taking part as the Raiders will look to get their best work in to send the players off on their breaks right.