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Amy Trask has suggestion for title of Mike Pereira's new book: "It Was A Fumble"

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Former Raiders CEO Amy Trask and former NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira both have books coming out. Trask's book "You Negotiate Like a Girl" as well as Pereira's book "After further review" will both be released on the same day -- September 15 (though Amazon is taking pre-orders right now). But today Trask gave Pereira a suggestion for a better title for his book: "It Was A Fumble".

She was joking, obviously, but perhaps his book will feature such a revelation.

Trask is speaking, of course, about the infamous Tuck Rule snow job which cost the Raiders a win over the Patriots in the 2001 playoffs in New England. Charles Woodson sacked Tom Brady who fumbled the ball. The play seemed pretty cut and dry, giving the Raiders the ball and essentially ending the game. But a call from upstairs suggested the Tuck Rule was in play.

First of all, no it wasn't. That was not a Tuck Rule situation. Brady pump faked before he was hit and fumbled it. Second of all, the Tuck Rule was a terrible and rarely used rule which for some ‘strange' reason was dug up and dusted off to hand the post 9/11 *Patriots* the game and send Al Davis's big bad Raiders packing.

It took the league over a decade later to finally remove the Tuck Rule from the books. They likely realized well before that it shouldn't have been a rule, but needed to wait a while to remove it. After Al Davis's passing helped them avoid too much friction in the rule's removal.

As fate would have it, 2001 was Pereira's first year as NFL Director of officiating, having been promoted from NFL supervisor of officiating. So, he knows very well what went down that fateful snowy night on January 19. I too remember full well. It was my Birthday.

Pereira responded to Trask's joke with a joke of his own that the two of them should have a joint book signing in Foxborough.

To which Trask politely declined.

I picture a lot of smiles with clinched teeth happening in this back and forth as I'm sure the kind of bad blood created by the shafting the Raiders got in that game never really clears.

These days Pereira is an analyst for Fox Sports so he isn't beholden to the NFL anymore. We'll see if his book offers any kind of mea culpa for that miscarriage of justice in Foxborough 15 years ago. Not that it would matter now.