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Rival Report 7/1: California Supreme Court deals major blow to San Diego stadium hopes

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The San Diego Chargers are going to need to have a lot more votes from the citizens of San Diego if they are going to get a new stadium. There had been a lower court ruling that the team only needed a simple majority of 51% of votes to get approval for a new stadium, but the California Supreme Court says otherwise.

Instead of only needing the simple majority, the CA Supreme Court has issued a temporary block stating that tax initiative's like the Chargers stadium deal need a super majority to pass. That means they need 2/3's voter approval instead of just the 51%. They will look again at the issue at a date yet to be determined, but whether that happens before the November voting is entirely unknown.

This is a big blow to the Chargers chances of getting the city's approval to build a new stadium to keep the team from moving to Los Angeles. The Chargers say they were planning on needing a super majority all along but still this is a major hit to the possibility of getting the initiative to pass.

The City of San Diego is split on whether or not to help pay for a new Chargers stadium in an already heated controversy over the use of tax funds. Needing the 51% was no guarantee, but now needing 2/3rd's is an extremely long shot at best.

Dean Spanos and the Chargers are insisting on a downtown stadium that now is even harder to get built, or he will be moving to Los Angeles with Stan Kroenke and the Rams. That seems the more likely outcome now than ever before, so fans of the Raiders still hoping for the team to return to Los Angeles also just took a major hit from the California Supreme Court ruling.

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