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Rival Report 7/12: Terrible person Miko Grimes defends anti-semitic "Jew Buddies" tweet, blames media

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Miami-Dade Corrections

Coming as no surprise to anybody who has ever heard of Miko Grimes, wife of Tampa Bay CB Brent Grimes, she again is in the news for inflammatory and absurd commentary. This woman already cost her husband his job in Miami by constantly insulting the team and their QB Ryan Tannehil and now she is at it again.

This time the controversy is about an anti-semitic tweet about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.


After the backlash hit about the obviously offensive tweet, Miko Grimes has doubled down on the tweet instead of showing any type of contrition about it. She is now claiming that she thinks it's a compliment that Jewish people "look out for each other" by hiring other Jewish people and that it's only the media that is twisting her message.

"What would I have against Jewish people?" Grimes told the Tampa Bay Times. "Why is this the first time I'm being called anti-Semitic, as big as my mouth is, if I really have an issue with Jewish people? Is anything I said false? Do Jewish, Catholic, Christian and frat brothers, etc. hire their own people? ... I was intending to offend the Dolphins, specifically Stephen Ross and Mike Tannenbaum. Anyone else that chooses to dive in front of those bullets is their own fault."

Honestly, she is so full of hate that I don't think she really is anti-semitic as much as just a genuinely terrible person. She has constantly overshadowed her husband's considerable talent on the field by making a total ass of herself off of it. The saddest part is that instead of shutting up so that her husband doesn't have to continuously be put in awkward situations over her big mouth, she just continues to spew more and more hate.

Not only did her comments offend many but her husband's new employer is the Glazer family, and they happen to also be Jewish themselves. Though Miko promised after her tweet that she wouldn't let her drama with Miami follow her to Tampa, she did so directly after making an offensive comment towards the very heritage of her husband's new employer. Safe to say that her drama not following her to Tampa is pretty impossible after that.

I have many scathing comments I would love to say in this piece, but I will refrain because it does no good to do so. I will however leave you with an excellent paragraph written by Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk where he he responds to Miko's claims that the media is making this a big deal when it shouldn't be. Florio speaks on the absurdity of this situation far better than I ever could.

"Regardless, she landed on our radar screen on Monday only because she dabbled in anti-Semitism. She can scream she's not a racist, she can claim it was a compliment, she can blame the media, she can do whatever she wants. It doesn't change the fact that, in her effort to seek attention for herself, she crossed the line, she stubbornly refuses to acknowledge she crossed the line, and she's pissed at anyone who would dare point out either of those facts."

Miko Grimes denies being anti-Semitic for ‘jew buddies' comment about Dolphins owner - Washington Post

Miko Grimes has gained renown for her exceptional bluntness on Twitter, despite being in the theoretically delicate position of being married to an active NFL player whose employers might not appreciate her commentary.

Miko Grimes stands by 'Jew buddies' tweet; no comment from Bucs | Tampa Bay Times
TAMPA — Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes has yet to start his first training camp with the Bucs, but his wife, Miko, is already making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Miko Grimes blames the media | ProFootballTalk
A day after Miko Grimes made an anti-Semitic remark during her latest rant against the Dolphins, the team that previously employed her husband, Brent, through 2015, Miko has found the culprit: It's the media, of course. "The media is the problem," Miko Grimes told

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