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Fan Poll: Choose fullback for All-Raiders Team

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Considered among the most physical, ferocious and unselfish positions in football and the Silver & Black have fielded some great ones over the decades.

This is part five of Silver & Black Pride’s All-Raiders Team fan poll and this installment focuses on the fullbacks that have represented the franchise.

The Raiders have played a lot of physical, power football over the years and these oft-unheralded tough guys have made key plays in the passing game, come through in short yardage situations and protected their quarterbacks. Most importantly, they’ve unselfishly bulldozed a path for star running backs en route to glory. Al Davis and the Raiders favor a power, man-on-man blocking scheme and fullbacks are expected to put an opponent on his backside with every down.

We’d like to ask Raider Nation to vote on an All-Time Raiders Team.The criteria is simple, select a player at each position you believe best embodied the essence of all things Silver and Black. The players you select did not have to win Super Bowls or be selected to Pro Bowls, just emulate the Greatness of the Raiders.

Below is a poll with some of the fullbacks that have worn the colors. If you have another player in mind, simply add him in the comments and we will include your vote in the final tally. This will be a tough choice, but the vote-getter at the position will be included on your All-Raiders Team.

Consider, if you will, one of Al Davis’ famous foundational quotes when choosing: "Why should I talk to you? I don't know where you're from."

Good stuff.

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