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Khalil Mack congratulates Von Miller on Broncos monster deal: Mack could be next in line with Raiders

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Friday, just ahead of the Franchise Tag signing deadline, Von Miller and the Denver Broncos got their long term deal done. And it was a big one. The reigning Super Bowl MVP cashed in on a 6-year, $114.5 million deal that carries $70 million in guarantees.

That guaranteed money is second only behind recently signed Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck. At the time Luck signed his deal, we pondered the fact that should Derek Carr take another step up in his play this season, he could also find himself in line for a big payday.

But Carr's payday may pale in comparison to the one Khalil Mack could be looking at should he have another season like he had in 2015 in which he racked up 15.0 sacks and was the first player in NFL history to be named All Pro at two different positions (DE, OLB).

Mack has long been compared to Von Miller, and rightfully so. They are very similar players, though this offseason most have said that Mack has surpassed the man with whom his coaches have hoped he could emulate.

Soon after the news of Miller getting his long term deal came out, Miller himself tweeted out a picture of himself in a Broncos uniform with the words "FOR LIFE". Mack then responded with congratulations, saying "Congrats bro. Hard work pays off!"

There is a lot to that statement for Mack. He is a very hard worker who is built like a tank and excels both as a pass rusher and a run stopper.

The team can officially offer Mack an extension following this season, prior to the fourth year of his rookie contract. And it could be wise to do so, because salaries will only go up after that. There is still much time, as Mack is entering his thrid season. On the other hand, they also would prefer not to let it drag out and go through the franchise tag and subsequent hold out scare the Broncos did with Von Miller.