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Sports economist projects Vegas would be insufficient market for Raiders

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While one sees a relocation leading to sell-out games, the other views Sin City as not feasible.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation continues about the viability of Las Vegas as an NFL franchise city and a sports consultant and an academic appear to disagree.

Vanderbilt University sports economics professor John Vrooman recently went on the record stating that the Raiders possible move to Las Vegas won't work.

"The Raiders would be desert-locked in a small economically isolated and lopsided Vegas," Vrooman recently told USA Today. "The Broncos rule the Mountain West. The [Cardinals] now rule the Southwest desert. The 49ers have got [Northern California] locked down, and that leaves the Rams and Bolts to split SoCal. There is no ... economic room for the Raiders and the Vegas market doesn't have the size or depth to carry the club."

The USA Today article also states

"(Las Vegas) would rank as the fifth-smallest TV market in the NFL, with 737,000 TV homes, according to Nielsen. Many sports fans there might find it more convenient to watch NFL football on a giant TV screen in a casino sportsbook for free instead of paying $100-plus to watch at the stadium."

Consultant Marc Ganis, who was reportedly involved in the Raiders and Rams exits from L.A, disagrees. "We're only talking about eight home games (per season), most of which are going to be on a Sunday," Ganis said. "That makes it more likely the team will have sellouts and be supported."

Las Vegas also entertains approximately 40 million tourists per year, which could make it more favorable for visiting teams as well as Raiders fans road trips.