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Cowboys 2016 draft board revealed , here’s where they valued Raiders picks

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The Cowboys draft board was leaked again. You can get a good idea of how at least one other team valued the players the Raiders selected.

Somehow the SB Nation Cowboys site Blogging the Boys keeps stumbling upon a picture of the Cowboys’ draft ‘war room’. And yet again, they have dissected that picture and put together the Cowboys’ draft board.

On this draft board, there were several players who the Raiders selected. Specifically their picks in each of the first four rounds.

First up was Karl Joseph, who they had as their 19th ranked players. The Raiders took him at 14. They technically have him as a second round pick, but since they only list 16 players in their first round, they put him in the second round because that’s likely where they would have taken him if he were still on the board.

The next highest ranked Raiders draft pick on the Cowboys’ board was Connor Cook. Immediately following the Raiders’ selection of Cook at the top of the 4th round, it was revealed that the Cowboys were ready to take him had the Raiders not jumped ahead of them to get him at pick 100. This draft board bears that out. He was very much the top player on their board at that point.

Next Raiders pick on the Cowboys’ board was Jihad Ward. The Cowboys selected Jaylon Smith early in round two because in their view they were getting a top five pick, injured or not. When the Raiders selected Ward at the 44th overall pick, he was 7th on the Cowboys’ board, the top defensive end, and their 46th overall prospect.

Shillique Calhoun, who the Raiders grabbed at pick 75, received a third round grade from the Cowboys and upon his selection he was the 11th player on their board and their 65th overall prospect.

After the first four rounds, the ability to read the draft board got more difficult, leading to a lot of unknown spots. But of the players they were able to read, none of the Raiders’ final three picks were among them.