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Ranking the AFC West: Center

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While guard for most of the division’s teams was quite grim (besides the Raiders), the center position looks to be pretty solid across the board.

1. Raiders - Rodney Hudson

The most experienced and proven center in this division. He signed with the Raiders in the 2015 offseason as their biggest free agent addition and has proven his worth ever since. His value to this team became even more apparent last season when he went out with an ankle injury. It was perhaps no coincidence that’s when the Raiders’ offense began to sputter. Prior to that, the Raiders offense was their strong point. Hudson could be the key to getting the offense back on track again.

2. Chargers - Matt Slauson

A longtime starting left guard for the Chicago Bears, he stepped in and started at center part of last season. He played well enough at center that the Chargers made him a priority free agent signing with the intention of moving him to center fulltime. He has proven himself to be a very good guard throughout his NFL career (certainly better than the guards they Chargers currently have). And he proved last season he could perform those blocking duties while snapping the ball and calling out defenses.

3. Broncos - Matt Paradis

Speaking of shocking performers. Paradis was a sixth round pick out of Boise State (also the Broncos) in 2014. He didn’t see the field as a rookie, but come 2015 he started every game of the season and was very steady. In fact, he is the only player on the Broncos current offensive line who started for the team in Super Bowl 50.

4. Chiefs - Mitch Morse

When Rodney Hudson left for Oakland, the Chiefs were in desperate need to fill the void he left. So, they drafted a guard in the second round. At the time, the selection of Morse left a lot of people scratching their heads. Then they put him at center and he actually had a pretty damn good season. He’s no Rodney Hudson from a center standpoint, but Morse moves very well both pulling and getting to the second level.

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