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Watch: Derek, David Carr appear together in hilarious ad campaign

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The endorsements have to start somewhere. And for Derek Carr it’s appearing with his brother David in a local California Central Valley Educational Employees Credit Union ad campaign. The two of them show off their acting and comedy chops along with some sibling rivalry.

With both having attended Fresno State and their family being from Bakersfield, they are quite popular in the Central Valley. This is just the latest spot. There have been previous ones as well, including this one which was released late last month.

As you can see, the Carr brothers have no problems poking fun at themselves and each other. And at times, they have some pretty funny co-stars too.

The hijinks don’t stop there, either. There’s also a blooper reel showing these two may be even funnier off script.

Derek Carr is showing  himself to be a pretty marketable player. With the continued performance on the field to match it, he could secure some more lucrative endorsement deals.