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Naming suggestions for the Broncos' stadium

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With Sports Authority about to go under and nobody stepping up to pay big bucks to name the stadium at Mile High, RaiderDamus is here to offer some humble suggestions for what the Broncos should call their home field.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

For the last several years, Mile High Stadium has been named Sports Authority Field at Mile High- which I must admit is a slightly better name than most other stadiums which are named after banks or insurance companies because at least it's sports-related. However, Sports Authority itself has ceased to exist as an entity and the naming rights to the  Super Bowl Champion Broncos' stadium are being sold off.

So who wants to slap their name on Mile High? According to this article, nobody in particular. Of course, the City of Denver could be getting sneaky here and trying to hold out for a  better deal, but you'd think if anyone wanted to name the stadium they'd have made their intentions known.

Luckily RaiderDamus is on the case with a few ideas for what the Broncos' field should be named.

First, an obvious choice for a team called the Broncos is Murdoch's Home and Ranch Supply.

The nickname of the stadium could be "The Stable" and I'm sure Murdoch's could provide some warm blankets, carrots and oats for Broncos GM John Elway, pictured below.

Up next we have the Aqib Talib and Plaxico Burress House of Guns and Ammo.

When you absolutely positively have to shoot everyone in the club or even your own leg, Talib & Burress is your one-stop shop.

Continuing on, how about Nathan's Hot Dog Stadium? You might think Ballpark Franks Ballpark would be a better name, but hot dog connoisseurs know that Nathan's are superior franks. Just ask a certain current member of the Broncos.

Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Nathan's.

Because Colorado has recently become a national leader in promoting liberty and legal marijuana for all its citizens but the NFL still tests for it, perhaps the Broncos should be sponsored by the only type of cannabis that won't get you put in the NFL's Drug Treatment Program:

This product is personally endorsed by Denver OLB Shane Ray, so we know it's quality stuff.

And finally, I submit that the Broncos should play this season and in perpetuity at Chick-Fil-A Field.

We all know that just like Chick-Fil-A, the Broncos won't be showing up on Sundays.