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Video arises that might mean trouble for Aldon Smith

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders might be facing a problem, because Aldon Smith might have posted a video of himself smoking marijuana on the social media service Periscope. Smith is already in the midst of a long term suspension that he will need to apply for reinstatement from 60 days prior to his eligible return date in November.

The video, courtesy of CSN Bay Area, is posted below and if proven true could cause Aldon's Smith's suspension to be even longer. It was found in the media archives of a Periscope account, "@ravenga" and the videos were posted under the name "Ricky". This particular segment was posted 16 days ago.

The video never shows Aldon Smith's face, but it definitely sounds like him when compared to some of the other videos posted on the account that featured Smith talking directly to the camera. The video is named "Fire Session" and cuts out right after you hear the person behind the camera state "they don't know it's me. It's not like I put 'Aldon Smith'".

The Raiders surely are paying close attention to this situation as it unfolds, eager to see what will happen with the player that they invested in with a 2 year contract worth $11.5M. They were hoping that Aldon Smith would have cleaned his act up when they gave him that new contract, but this video has to worry them about the possibility that those hopes were made in vain.

***Updated with Aldon Smith denying it was him on Twitter